The First Anniversary of Your Hard Work

The First Anniversary of Your Hard Work

Hello Shivanee.

Congratulations on the work anniversary. Being your coworker has been a humbling experience as your tirelessness always inspire us ! You have a fresh outlook on things and there is nothing the world needs more today than a fresh outlook. Keep up the good work and keep us entertained. It’s admirable how much you’ve literally and figuratively improved, working at NUPL for everyone through your efforts.

We wanted to express our appreciation for everything you have done over the last year, both on your own and the assistance you provided us in our tasks. It was quite a challenge for us, as usually you are the one we look to when we have to such things!

The portrait below is a humble effort from us to capture every contribution from you over the last year. Prachi and Minal worked tirelessly with us to make these small gestures possible. We hope we havent missed including something of significance. As you will notice, a few tasks in it are repeated, and that is because you have done them multiple times over the last year

Here is wishing you good fortunes for the future.